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Are Contact Lens Safe

Contact lenses are very safe. Millions of people wear them. They are easy to wear and are easy to remove. They can correct almost all refractive errors and a few medical ones. Contact lenses are fitted after an eye examination done by an Optometrists or an Ophthalmologists. The fitting is performed by an ophthalmologist, optometrists, or by a Florida licensed optician specially certified by the state to fill, fit, adapt, and dispense contact lenses. When the contact lens specialists fit them, they evaluate your eyeglasses prescription, the corneal curvature of your eyes, and view your eyes with instruments to make sure they are fitting correctly. In quality contact lens fittings, the specialists let you try a contact lens and make sure that the lens is perfect for you. Deviating from the recommended wearing schedule or ignoring the instructions of the contact lens specialists can be sight-threatening. Always have your contact lens fit evalu

ated in person. Contact Lenses are medical devices!

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