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Ophthalmologists Fort Myers
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An ophthalmologist is usually a physician and surgeon who has completed a bachelor's degree, done four years of medical college, and done one residency in ophthalmology at a major hospital usually affiliated with a  medical school. Most Ophthalmologists have over 12 years of schooling. Best Ophthalmologist Fort Myers.

They are well-versed in the total body, not just the eye, and they are the only ones in Florida who can perform Surgeries on your eyes. Most Ophthalmologist work in large Ophthalmology centers, and their primary focus is disease and surgery. Robert Mandelkorn M.D. can help you. Dr. Mandelkorn offers emergency visits for red eyes and lumps and bumps at this location.  Best Ophthalmologist Fort Myers.

Routine Exams and Medical Emergency Visits

In a Routine Eye Exam, the Optometrists examine images taken with the Retinal Imaging System, which allows them to see almost 15% more than with a direct ophthalmoscope. There is no discomfort in a nonmydriatic Retinal Imaging Screening. Retinal Imaging is becoming the norm, although some Optometrists may choose to dilate the eyes. In addition to the Retinal screening, visual field testing, color testing, and refraction tests for eyeglasses are performed. A soft touch tonometry device will measure your intraocular pressure screening for Glaucoma. In addition, an anterior slit lamp microscope will screen the external eye for any disease. If any abnormality is found during this exam then you may be referred to an ophthalmologist for further care. Vision plans usually pay for these visits. Best Ophthalmologist Fort Myers.

Retinal Scan for Eye Disease
Red Eyes

An emergency Ocular Exam (by an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist) centers on disease management. A vision plan does not pay for this type of visit. During that visit, specialized equipment may be used to determine the cause of a red eye or infection. Special dyes are instilled to view your cornea to rule out conditions of the anterior surface of your eyes. If you have flashes or floaters, a digital retinal image of the back of your eye may be taken, or your eye may be dilated.  A Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy and possibly an OCT test may be ordered.  Best Ophthalmologist Fort Myers. Call our office for same-day emergency service.*

*Limited Availability. Usually, Medical Insurance Pays for this visit.

Eye Conditions

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