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Cataract Causes Blurry Vision and Glare


Inside the eye, there is a lens called the crystalline lens; this lens is clear and, to some extent, flexible. This lens is responsible for the focusing mechanism of the eye at near tasks. As it ages, it becomes dull in color and loses its flexibility which leads to accommodate (focus) lag. The older you are, the more power you will need for reading near.  After age 50, it tends to become stable for the need for reading power. In your 60s, your lens starts to become yellow and eventually will create a blinding glare. When it bothers you, that is the time to remove the lens.


If you have glare you may try Anti-Glare coatings that will significantly reduce the blinding glare until you are ready to have surgery!


If you require cataract surgery,  you will require a man-made intraocular lens to replace your crystalline lens. Cataract surgeons will give you options depending on your refractive error and needs. After surgery most likely, your dependence on glasses or contact lenses will be less. Most patients will benefit from small corrections to enhance viewing and night vision.


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