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 Comprehensive Eye Exam in South Fort Myers

Eye Exams should be done yearly

Eye Exams

Every Year

We recommend a yearly eye exam after 40; as you will experience changes in near-vision. Presbyopia is an aging condition in which your focusing mechanism slows down. These changes happen every year until you are in your late 40s. At 50 yrs, little changes in the crystalline lens start to happen, known as nuclear sclerosis, which really is the precursor to cataracts. 

Eye Exams by Experienced Optometrists

Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Florida Optical Services, we believe your main reason for coming is to see your best. This is why we invested in a Digital Refraction System. as well as screening your eyes' health with a non-dilated Retinal Imaging System.

Your Eye Health is important for you and us.

Optometrists provide a comprehensive eye exam and, in many cases, prescribe medications for almost every eye condition. Ophthalmologists, on the other hand, are surgeons and can perform invasive surgical eye procedures.  

Here at Florida Optical Services, our main focus is to provide you with the best eyewear possible. We offer comprehensive eye exams at our location with Independent Optometrists. We also work closely with others to provide specialized services.

Optometrist or Ophthalmologist

Frequently Asked Question About Eye Exams.

What is a Comprehensive Digital Eye Exam?

Our comprehensive eye exams evaluate the health of your eyes using digital technology, starting with an Advanced Refraction System that provides in our opinion, a more exact prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. The Advanced Refractive System receives data from automated autorefractors, auto keratometers, and auto lensometers which are loaded into a Digital Refractor for fine-tuning your prescription. Afterward, the health evaluation of the exterior of your eye is done with a Digital Imaging System providing images of your eyelids, cornea, iris, and sclera. Additionally, our "Soft Puff" non-contact tonometers evaluate your eye pressure for any indication of Glaucoma. Finally, the inside Health of your eye, the Retina is screened with a Non-Mydriatic Imaging System, which provides impressive views of your optic nerve, macula, arteries, and veins. Your eye Physician evaluates all the information and discusses it with you. All of this without the use of numbing or dilation drops.* Comprehensive Eye Exams evaluate the health of the eye and also the refractive properties of your eyes. 


Need an Update on Glasses?

If you are planning on purchasing eyeglasses, you need an eye exam. Our comprehensive eye exam includes a refraction test to determine your eyeglasses prescription. 


Do you want a spare pair but no Prescription?

Electronic Lensometers can copy your prescription directly from your lenses. Your licensed Optician performs this process by duplicating all parameters from your existing glasses. No need to get an eye exam if you feel everything is unchanged. The recommended Eye exam is every 2 years unless you are monitoring a condition such as cataracts or are at an age that the power may change (like over 40...), 

I see okay. Do I need an Eye Exam?

The short answer is yes. Everyone should have a Comprehensive eye exam periodically to determine if their eyes would benefit from eyeglasses. Also, the eye's health is important as silent diseases can rob your sight without warning. Glaucoma is one of many silent diseases.

I had cataract surgery or Lasik to correct my vision. I see fine... will I need to have eye exams after the surgery?

Yes, success in surgery is often said that you do not depend on glasses. The keywords are "depend on". The fact is that many post-surgery patients do need a small degree of correction, and this is the difference between seeing a blurry 20/20 or a crisp and clear one. Also, the health of your eye changes as time progresses. In essence, the surgery only improves the quality of your vision, but it does not stop aging and silent eye disease,  Exams should be yearly after most surgeries.


My ophthalmologist told me the reason for my blurry vision is that I have Cataracts. I need cataract surgery, so he said no glasses change. I need to wait until the end of the season, what can I do?

The power of your refractive error will continue to change as the cataract gets worse, but If you are going to wait, you should update the glasses, if there is an improvement to be made. If your surgeon did not give you a prescription, our optometrists can retest you and see if there is an improvement, that way you can see your best until you are ready for your surgery. 


I have been wearing Contact Lenses for years. Do I need a contact lens fitting? If you need a script for contact lenses, then you need a "contact lens exam". Federal and State law requires an eye exam in order to give you a contact lens script. A Contact Lens exam is a Comprehensive Eye Exam along with Contact lens Services included.


*Note: Some Conditions May Require Dilation.

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