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Optometrists are  Physicians Specializing in One Inch of Your Body! Optometrist Near Me-Fort Myers

Eye Health

We know that screening your eye for disease is extremely important to you and to us! Our independent Doctors of Optometry have completed training at prestigious Universities here in the US and abroad. We Care about you and your eyes! Best Optometrist Fort Myers

Man having an eyeglass exam

Optometric Physicians or optometrists are Eye doctors specializing in one inch of the human body, the eye. They attend Optometry college after completing a bachelor's degree. At the Optometry College, they complete their eye medical training, which includes determining the refractive properties of the eye, the anterior and posterior parts of your eye, and the retina. Eye health of the eye consists of treating them with medicine and, in some cases, performing surgery if state law permits it. Optometrists R. Lilienthal and associates perform eye exams and eye evaluations for our customers who will use our expertise in Optics and Contact Lenses. Best Optometrist Fort Myers. We strive to provide the best service— Optometrist Telehealth Eye Exams Available.

All our optometrists are assisted by credentialed Ophthalmic Medical Technicians who perform the gathering of data. All our technicians are Nationally Certified by the International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology IJHCAHPO.

Common Refractive Error Diagnose by Our Optometrists 

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