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Eyeglasses Repair
Broken Glasses Don't Have to Be Broken Hearts

We Fix Broken Glasses That You Love

Our Licensed Optician has been repairing frames for over 25 years. We can solder most metal frames including Titanium and repair most plastics. We repair from Totally Rimless Frames like Silhouettes to fancy Jewelry Frames. If your frame cannot be repaired we can put your lenses in another frame provided that they are in good shape. Appointment Required.

Most Repairs Done While You Wait!

Eyeglass Repairs Fort Myers

About Tiny Eyeglasses Screws...

The tiny screws have to be replaced many times because the threads are damaged in the screw itself or the barrel, and a two-minute job turns into a nightmare! Rusty screws become so welded that sometimes it is impossible to remove them and require them to be drilled out. If you purchase your eyeglasses from us we will replace the screws at no charge and perform a 12-point service to extend the usability life of your eyeglasses. If you did not purchase your eyeglasses from us there is a nominal fee for our time and repairs. The repair fee starts at $19 and if it is something extremely easy, we may write it off with a smile! Skip the lines at the mall, schedule your visit with us, and have it professionally done!



Tip for broken frames; If you must use glue...please do not get the super glue on your lenses as it becomes almost impossible to remove. 

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