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Eyeglasses Fort Myers
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We handpick frames from many designers from around the world to provide a selection of styles that come in different materials, such as titanium and handmade colorful plastics. There is a style for everyone. Eyeglasses Fort Myers.

Our Licensed Optician will assist you in selecting the best style to go with your prescription and offer you the latest in Lens maps from Varilux, such as the Varliux XR. Eyeglasses Fort Myers.

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Quality Eyeglasses at Florida Optical Services in Fort Myers, Florida

Find the best fit for your specific needs,  and we can explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision. We will help you narrow your choices to find the best look, fit, and functionality you want from your Eyeglasses. New and current patients are welcome to visit Florida Optical Services with their current prescription - no appointment is necessary. No Prescription, no problem. We offer exams, or we can duplicate your script directly from your glasses (neutralization). Eyeglasses Fort Myers. Licensed Opticians.

Prescription Eyeglasses Designer Frames

Caviar For Your Eyes

Sparkles To Your Sight!

You can Design the shape of your lenses with hundreds of rimless frames!

Coatings such as Antireflective help you see better.

Crizal and Other Coatings Can Help You See Your Best At Night and in Sunny Days!

They can protect your lenses from scratches, fogging, oil and water!

Autolensometers read the power of your eyeglasses.

Perfect Eyeglasses only are made after the licensed optician decides which lens design and Progressive map is the best for your script and intended use.

Premium Designer Sunglasses

Prescription wrap sunglasses require a special program to compensate for the curvature of your sunglass lenses.

Florida Optical Services

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Florida Optical Services believes in providing quality eyeglasses Fort Myers in a friendly environment that enhances the personalized concept. Using Hi End technology, our patients can access quality eye exams and the latest in eyeglasses and contact lenses without the wait customarily associated with mall or cataract surgery vision centers. Wouldn't you rather purchase your eyewear in a friendly environment where their main business is not surgery or a corporate-owned store but a locally owned optical shop and vision center? All Services by a licensed optician. Eyeglasses Fort Myers.

Eye Exam Hours

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9:00 am – 7:00 pm

By Request

Optical Shop Hours

Mon - Fri

11:30 am – 4:00 pm

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