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Computer Vision Syndrome and Computer Glasses.


Our world is now totally digitalized. We spend most of our working life in front of a monitor, a tablet, or a cell phone. Each has its visual disadvantages for our eyes.

The proximity of the screen, the illuminated background, the refresh time of the screen, our blinking rate, and finally, the tear components of our eyes. Our experts can help from special lenses to artificial tears that can help alleviate one of America's most significant discomfort for our eyes. There are even digital computer-designed lenses that can save your neck! 

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndromee

Computer Vision Syndrome

Headaches, Nech Aches, Blurry Eyes and a tiresome feeling of using a computer.

So what are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are just one of the ergonomics required to compensate for fatigue and possible diseases created by viewing monitors. Most workers who are over 40 years old require some form of near correction and many of those corrections are in the form of progressive glasses. The design of the "everyday-wear" progressive is that the reading and near portion are in the lowest part of the lens and expert lens designers assume that they will be used at different distances all through the day. When you are in computers you require a special lens to accommodate the constant viewing of the monitor or monitors and the near material. A solution is to design a progressive that provides wider areas for intermediate viewing and near viewing, these are called computer glasses. Here at Florida Optical Services, our licensed Opticians can help you see your best at your computer.  Computer glasses is one of the options for most occupations. Computer Glasses do work, try them, you will be satisfied.

Work-Related Fatigue of Computer Users Causes:

Neck Pain appears because of the required neck lifting when viewing computer screens. Computer lasses help in reducing fatigue-induced head postures.Today, workers on average have 2 screens to view and sometimes three.

Many work from home with poor light. The work area should be well balanced as to the amount of light. The reason has to do with pupil size in dim light vs bright environments. In poor lighting environments, people experience a "wash-out" or bleaching effect. If you sit in a dark room viewing a screen like your phone, the pupil will tend to dilate and allow more light to enter your eye causing the Rhodopsin of your eye to be used more rapidly than it can be replenished by the body.  The above is another reason to add Blue light protection with special blue blockers.  

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