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Prosthetic Contact Lenses with Black or Clear Pupil-Hand Painted Color Contact Lenses

Color Contacts Child Paint Hands
Abstract Painting

Prosthetic Contact Lenses, any Iris Color

Many patients who lose sight in an eye may require a prosthetic contact lens to cover the blemishes and scars. We Fit The Following:

  • Hand-painted Prosthetic contact lenses in almost any iris color. The Artist paints it directly on the contact lens that we fit. These lenses could have a black pupil or a clear center covering the iris. Colors are based on the fellow eye.

  • Prosthetic Contact Lenses with printed black pupils with color-enhancing light or opaque tints are custom-made.

  • A printed Black pupil with a Clear Skirt for children's Orthoptic training.Eye Occlusion Systems.

All of these lenses are soft and usually provide more comfort. than hard scleral shells.


Prosthetic color Contacts with Black Pupil

We Can Paint Any Color!

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