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Best Eye Exam in Fort Myers-Contact Lenses-Optical Shop

Accepting New Patients

Welcome to our Clinic! Florida Optical Services now offers Comprehensive Eye Exams using the latest technology. We are In-Network for most vision plans. From Exams to Eyeglasses or Contacts, We do it all. So what are you waiting for? Schedule today! We provide Personalized Service in all areas of our practice at no extra charge!


Skip the lines at the mall or the endless waiting with strangers waiting to be seen. All services are Personalized and by appointment, from the Optical shop to the Eye Exam. Prices are competitive, and you get a one-on-one service. Better service, Better Prices! Same Day Available! 

Our Optometric Physicians now use an Advanced Refraction System that makes the eyeglass and contact lens prescription, in our opinion, more accurate.  Eye Health is also very important to us, so we invested in a Digital Imaging system that does not require using drops (numbing or dilating). Our Retinal Imaging System allows physicians to evaluate your eyes for Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and other Retinal conditions. Amazing views of the Retina! It provides a baseline for future visits to compare any changes.

Additionally, we use Soft Tonometry for Glaucoma Screening. Following your exam, If you need new glasses, you have the Frame Showroom just for you!  No Extra Patients invading your space. Our showroom has frames from various designers and prices. All the lenses we dispense are HD Digitals and the latest designs. We accept outside scripts as well. Just call us. We can help!

Our office specializes in Contact lenses. We fit all types of disposables and now offer custom-made soft contacts that correct almost all refractive errors and are in our opinion, more comfortable and provide an exact parameter, unlike premade lenses.. From challenging cases like Keratoconus to Multifocals that require astigmatism corrections, we do it all with custom-made soft contact lenses. See Better-Feel Better with Custom-made! Custom-made soft lenses now include prosthetic color lenses that hide scars or "white pupil" Leukokorias. We do it all that is contact lens related!

The only way to really skip lines at the mall or avoid waiting with strangers is to schedule it. We now offer appointments from the eye exam to simple repairs. Our appointments are easy to obtain. Best Service in Town. Support our concept!

In Network for Almost All Vision Plans and Insurances 

Fort Myers-Florida... This Is Why We Are Here!

Beach in A beautiful sky

Eye Exams Hours 


Monday          9 am to 6:00  pm

Tuesday          9 am to 6:00  pm

Wednesday    9 am to 6:00  pm

Thursday        9 am to 6:00  pm

Friday             9 am to 6:00  pm

       Saturday        11:30 am to 2  pm                            





Call Ahead & by Appointment



We Know You Love Your Eyeglasses...

We Can Fix Them!

Broken Glasses Broken Hearts

Optometric Physicians & Opticians Services

We strive to provide the best eye service. We understand that most patients would rather be golfing or enjoying our sunny beaches than having an exam; that is why we invested in an Advanced Refracting System and a Retinal Imaging System to make your life easier while you are here. In addition to Optometric Physicians and Ophthalmologists, we have a contact lens specialist who can fit you with the latest custom-made soft lenses and disposables, allowing you to experience quality care like none other. Best Eye Exam!

State-Of-The-Art Equipment
Best Eye Exam

Eye Health

Soft-puff tonometry is used to screen for Glaucoma Disease. We use state-of-the-art autorefractors, autokeratometers, and corneal topographers to measure and evaluate your eyes.  We also use Digital Imaging to view the front part of your eye,

Our Retinal Imaging System provides a broader view of the Retina than a Direct Ophthalmoscope. The Digital Retinal Screening may be done without dilation.   


* Some conditions do Require Dilation.

Digital Retinal Imaging
Electronic AutoRefracto/Keratometer and Soft Puff Tonometry
Corneal Topography

This is one of the Best Eye Exams In Fort Myers. Great Location!

Amy T.

Fort Myers

Optical Shop

Our Optical Shop has several famous Designer frames. We have from the latest Bolle sport sunglasses to jewelry frames from Caviar. Come and explore shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. There's nothing like trying them first before buying them. Get the best progressive designs, and the most vibrant colors, and feel how comfortable they are!

Advanced Refraction System

"I love their personalized service, their total focus is on me! Awesome Scheduling " The Best Exam Ever!

David B.

Cape Coral

Hundreds of Hand-Picked Designer  Frames!

Prisms, High Power, Slab Offs, Press On Prisms are welcomed

Dispensing Area of Florida Optical Services Showroom
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