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Florida Optical Services

13691 Metro Parkway #100

Fort Myers, Fl.33912

(239) 334-2015

Eye Exams

Ophthalmologist & Optometrist

 Digital Phoropter measures refractive error

Advanced Refraction  System

Our Advanced Refraction System communicates with all our peripheral equipment, gathering all data from the autorefractor, auto keratometer, auto lensometer. This allows the eye doctor to give you a precise refractive prescription. It is so advanced that with the push of a button, the system allows you to see in real-time your new prescription and compare your old prescription so that you see the actual difference. Seeing is believing!

Auto Refraction & Auto Keratometry

All Refractive errors such as Myopia are measured with the latest computerized eye measuring equipment. This computer also measures the curvature of your eye (cornea) automatically. Corneal measurements are essential in deciding the best contact lenses for the patient. This measurement may change, and if it does, the fit of your lenses changes, affecting visual acuity.

Auto Refraction

Digital Retinal Screening 

Retinal Health Evaluation 

No Drops- No Dilation

Retinal Scan

Retinal Imaging

Retinal Health Evaluation!

Health Evaluation -Digital Imaging

Retinal imaging is a non-dilated diagnostic exam that uses a high-resolution camera to take photographs of the back of your eye. The pictures give your doctor a closer look at the inner parts of your eye and help them take note of changes to your eye health and vision. The views of retinal health can lead to early disease detection and provide a detailed picture that is wider than normal funduscopic techniques. We do not charge extra for this procedure,