We Specialize In Contact Lenses!

Contact Lenses Fitted For All Refractive Errors

If you are new to contacts, are currently wearing them or simply try them before and could not wear them, you are always welcomed to see our contact lens specialists. We Will teach you how to put them on, how to take care and above all  we do it with TLC. We take our time. Experience  quality care the way it should be...they are your eyes ! High Success rate in all our contact lens fittings.

No empirical fitting here,  no guessing on the power or the comfort level. All contact lens fits are done with the latest FDA approved equipment  using diagnostic lenses.  We will evaluate the lenses in your eyes and fine tune them if needed. We Fit all types of contacts from farsighted, nearsighted or astigmatism, including the need of readers (Multifocal Contact Lenses). We have an extensive selection of contacts in stock!  Call Us For all your needs. We really care about your eyes! 

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Design Your Own Glasses

Make Your Lenses Round Or Square  or What Ever Shape You Want

Design The Shape Of Your Glasses or Sunglases!

Rimless Frames

Rimless frames are know as drill mounts and they are made by famous designers and manufacturers such as Silhouette, Caviar and many more. Some are like jewelry others are sporty as the Bolle Sun Frames.

Bolle Rimless Sports Frames Prescription

Rimless Sports Frames Known As Wraps

We Do Wrap Prescription Sunglasses Using The Latest In Technology To Make You See Better. Compensated prescription power done by computer due to wrap is a necessity with today's sun-glass frames.

Sunglasses For Golf When You Are Over 40

Golf Lenses (Progressives) have wider distance areas because the professional player uses the peripheral distance to get cues from the green and then in a split second look at the ball at intermediate area and then at the distance while sending cues to your brain for improved hand eye coordination. Distance Intermediate and a smaller reading area (To see the Score card) allows you to get the most information while playing Golf.

We Fix Broken Glasses Professionally

Broken Frames...Broken Lenses...Fancy Drillmounts...Rimless Frames

Ugly Nose-pads...Eye Piece damaged...We Fix or Replace. Professionally done by a licensed optician! 

Eyeglass repairs are done professionally at Florida Optical Services

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