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Lens Treatments

Lens Treatments is probably one of the easiest ways to enhance your vision and the way people see you!

Crizal Specialty Coatings

woman with an antireflective coating in only in left  lens and without antireflective in the right lens.

All Crizal Coatings are durable and have specific properties such as:

Crizal Prevencia provides a selective filter to blue -violet ligh and contributes to reducing the potential effects on the eyes. Excellent choice for people on the move who use smartphones and computers. Great for students and office workers.

Crizal Crizal Rock protects your eyes as well as your lenses. As the name implies it is durable and has a higher protection against scratches as well as glare. Great for contractors and people who enjoy the outdoors.

Crizal Saphire provides superior clarity and protection against scratches, smudges, oil: and water repellant, and dust repellant.

Crizal with Antifog is another concept that makes sense in cold weather and humid Florida, as AC often causes fogging when you go from inside out.

Photochomic Polarization

Glare is at night and during peak light hours that could be blinding and require a unique lens, such as the new Transition Polarized! Combine the coatings, such as antiglare coating, with this new Transition, and you will get the best vision possible.

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