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La salud de tus ojos es importante porque tu vista es probablemente el sentido más importante. Si duda de esto, simplemente cierre los ojos e imagine un mundo de oscuridad... pensamiento aterrador, sin embargo, millones se saltan las evaluaciones de salud ocular. Es nuestra opinión que los exámenes oculares deben realizarse con equipos sofisticados aprobados por la FDA. y todas las ópticas que cuentan con ópticos y optometristas autorizados. Apoya nuestro concepto de atención personalizada, ¡sabemos que quedarás satisfecho!

Looking at the Retina with a direct Ophthalmoscope

Viewing Your Retina

In most Routine Eye exams, the Optometrist may use a direct Ophthalmoscope, which provides a limited view of your dilated eye.

The optometrist looks at your retina to screen for diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, or Diabetes. Eye Exam Near Me.

Digital Retinal Screenings

Our Doctors of Optometry now use a Digital Retinal System. Digital Retinal Screenings provide 80% more than a direct ophthalmoscope, allowing the physician to view more of your retina. No dilating drops are used, so you do not have sensitivity to light or problems reading. Your vision plan usually pays for this or provides it at a discounted fee.

If there are any questions about the eye's health, an ophthalmology dilated exam will be required. The ophthalmologist or optometrist will use an Indirect Binocular Ophthalmoscope to view a more detailed part of your eye. This exam is only paid for by your health insurance, not your vision plan. Eye Exam Near Me.

Retina Imaging provides bigger area to screen than Direct  Ophthalmoscope

Other Test that we do...

  • We use soft puff tonometry to measure your intraocular pressure and perform a visual field test to screen for indications of Glaucoma. These tests do not require dilation.

  • Anterior segment evaluation is done with a Biomicroscope equipped with a digital photography system. The front of the eye is screened for disease and recorded for future reference. Cataracts and other conditions are determined with this instrument. Better care. Eye exam near you. Eye Exam Near Me.

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