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The Golden Standard To Demonstrate Your Eyeglass Prescription Is A Real Lens Trial Frame

Real Lens Prescription Demonstration

Real lens Prescription Demonstration is a service that we provide for those who venture to get exams elsewhere... So in case you do not know what is the changes or what does it feel to have a new sphere, cylinder or axis  or add on your OD or OS ...you can experience it here at Florida Optical Services. Buy with Confidence...No matter who did the exam.

  Vision Testing

If you need an eyeglass or a contact lens exams, this type of technology is for you! Our Computerized  refraction system is the latest in technology and provides a high degree of exactitude, making it the best option when testing for eyeglasses or contact lenses. It allows the patients to see in "real life" the changes of their vision by comparing the current prescription and the new one at the push of a button. Schedule with confidence at our Metro Location. Best thing is appointment are available!

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Modern Hi Tech  Exams

Our Office believes in providing the latest in technology for the eye examination. Our Digital Refraction System is in our opinion more exact and it takes a lot less time for our ophthalmologists to perform one of the most important part of the eye examination, the refraction. Great results translate into Great Eyeglasses and Contact lenses! We have the HDR 7000 providing one of the most advanced Digital refraction here in SW Florida!

Medical Eye Examinations

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